Friends, this woman did an amazing job on her reference sheets for Challenge A Latin. If you are entering into Challenge A or any Challenge after I would highly recommend using them! My daughter uses her reference sheets every time she sits down to do her weekly Latin. It has helped her to remember and begin to memorize the declensions and vocabulary. She has words color coded which is helpful for quick reference! Take a look and consider!!


from E. Hemington (Challenge mom)

“A” randomly came to me today and said he’d be lost without your worksheets and helpers.  🙂

from M. Roller (Challenge B mom)

Kim has been walking along side me in Latin this school year and has proven to be an invaluable resource to me and to many of our Challenge B students! The reference sheets Kim created have truly made it possible for me to stay up to speed with the Challenge B class even though I have never done Latin before! Once I understood the basic steps for translating Latin sentences I was able to work the Henle exercises much faster. These sheets have been incredibly beneficial as I often do not remember which declension/conjugation a vocabulary word belongs to, but thanks to these sheets I am still able to move forward in the exercises.

I am so thankful for her desire to do hard things such as teaching herself Latin and then doing even harder things like holding my hand as I, too, learn Latin.

– Teaque (homeschool parent and Latin newbie)

from T. Smith (Challenge B Tutor)