Friends, this woman did an amazing job on her reference sheets for Challenge A Latin. If you are entering into Challenge A or any Challenge after I would highly recommend using them! My daughter uses her reference sheets every time she sits down to do her weekly Latin. It has helped her to remember and … Continue reading from E. Hemington (Challenge mom)


from E. Hemington (Challenge mom)

"A" randomly came to me today and said he'd be lost without your worksheets and helpers.  🙂

from M. Roller (Challenge B mom)

Kim has been walking along side me in Latin this school year and has proven to be an invaluable resource to me and to many of our Challenge B students! The reference sheets Kim created have truly made it possible for me to stay up to speed with the Challenge B class even though I … Continue reading from T. Smith (Challenge B Tutor)

from T. Smith (Challenge B Tutor)