Welcome.  I am the homeschooling momma of three boys from the age of 5 to 14.  We have been homeschooling for eight years.  2015-16 was our first experience with Classical Conversations.  When my eldest entered into Challenge A without any other Classical Conversations background, our biggest stumbling block was Latin.  However, I have heard that this is a stumbling block for many students – even those that have made the journey to Challenge through Foundations.  Watching my son struggle was stressful and disheartening for me since I didn’t KNOW Latin to help him.  So, I spent the summer of 2016 teaching myself Latin and coming up with tools that enabled me to grasp the grammar.

These reference sheets have been used by my boys, their classmates and their tutors and have proved to be a huge aid in making Latin an achievable and manageable task without giving answers and without floundering and feeling lost. (Please see the Testimonials).

These Reference Sheets are a result of me personally wrestling with the Latin work to help me be a better mom and teacher.