So, I finally did get an answer from Loyola Press and it wasn’t the news I was expecting or hoping for especially considering the number of Henle Latin materials I see already in circulation.  However, I will have to follow their guidelines and I will not be able to provide the workbooks or the answer keys for sale.  I do apologize for promising something that is not within my right to promise and getting anyone’s hopes up.  I will still have reference sheets for the different challenge levels as I do not use quoted material from the text books.  It includes vocabulary which I believe is more general knowledge and not exclusive to Henle.  However, I can not do the workbooks as it is text directly duplicated from their work.

I have included their response for anyone interested.

“I do apologize for the delay in responding to you. Your request is a common one, and I asked my superiors to discuss and establish a general policy regarding all similar requests around the Henle Latin series.  Their conclusion is that at this time Loyola Press does not have the recourses to vet and evaluate supplemental materials pulled from the Henle Latin texts that others have created.  Therefore, we will not give permission to create such materials for sale.  You may create for your personal use supplemental materials drawn from Henle Latin text.  You may not publish them or sell them for profit.”

Again, you all have my apologizes.  I know many of you were anticipating these helpful aides.


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