Hello everyone!  I have to first say that I am amazed and blown away with how many people of visited my sites!  It is a bit of a humbling experience and awe-inspiring to know how far and wide our Classical Conversation truly is.

Today I had the first day in a very long time to be alone and it gave me an unprecedented time to ponder many things.  Among them, Latin!

To be honest, I struggled with the idea of charging people for my work.  However, I also know how much time and effort I put into learning Latin and making tools that (to me) where intuitive, practical, and somehow might make memory easier.  After having several people approach me about the prospect of selling them and seeing the need online as many post for help, I thought maybe this was something I needed to do.  But then comes that tricky part of balancing the price tag.  {gulp}.  I attempted to balance my efforts with the product.  But I was convicted today of the thought — but, what would I pay for an eBook???  And I was further convicted that maybe $15 was a little steep.

As such – I am reducing the cost of the eBooks down to $10.  That seems a little better balance.

For those of you that have already purchased, I will be sending you a message in the next day or so through Etsy with an option to make things right with you.  I have to work out the kinks as I am new to selling on Etsy.  My plan, if all goes right, is to give you the option of receiving a $5 Refund or a 50% coupon code for a future purchase – rather that is for the forthcoming Answer Key, Workbook or the next level Reference eBook.


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