The Challenge B Reference Book will contain all of the vocabulary covered throughout the school year. In total, there are 22 pages contained in this eBook.  This book can be purchased here:

Each noun is listed by its declension, color coded by gender, and defined.  The Declension endings are on each page for quick reference.  Additionally, the Latin stems run along the right hand margin so you can skim each page to find the word if it has not yet been committed to memory by declension.

Second Declension is divided into two separate pages.  One for masculine (-us in the Nominative) and the other for neuter (-um in the Nominative).

Third Declension is divided into three separate pages.  There are two sheets for the masculine and feminine that are divided by the Genitive Plural endings (-um and -ium).  The third sheet is for the neuter nouns of the Third Declension.

Adjectives are listed among two pages separating the 1st/2nd Declensions from the 3rd Declensions and includes Possessive Adjectives (which follow 1st/2nd endings).

Adverbs have their own page.

Each Verb Conjugation will have two pages.  The first page is the Active/Indicative and includes the endings for Present, Imperfect, Future, Perfect, Pluperfect and Future Perfect by person and number.  The second page is for Active/Subjunctive and includes Present and Imperfect Tense by person and number.  All four principle parts of the verbs are listed along with their translation.  There is also a sheet for Irregular Verbs with notes on Passive/Active and Primary/Secondary Tenses.

There is an “Other Parts of Speech” page which includes Prepositions divided by Ablative and Accusative case, Conjunctions, Interrogative Pronouns, and other (phrases).

Finally, there is a Pronouns page which includes all pronouns separated by person (personal pronouns), Reflexive 3rd Person and Relative Pronoun Adjectives.


  • Print Single Sided
  • 3-hole punch and place in a simple pocket folder
  • Use 1″ Self Adhesive Tabs to tab each section (i.e. Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Other)

*Please note that I have not completed all exercises for the Challenge B year.  Therefore, there may be some slight adjustments.  If you ever find any inaccuracies, please be sure to notify me and I can look into it.


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